Date Word Received: May 20, 2024

Watch video - published May 24, 2024

My children, the number of attacks you have endured has been great, long, overwhelming, torturing, debilitating, depressing, and frustrating in multiple ways. Your enemies have attacked your minds, bodies, families, finances, society, and way of living. They have put you under great stress.

Do you see that you are not living a normal life? Some would say their lives have been horrible lately, so why are so many of My children still asking and praying to go back to normal? Your normal before COVID was slavery and great bondage. That is why exposures must come. That is why a great shaking must take place. That is why the unprecedented and unconventional must be seen. The world needs to know how your enemies were controlling your lives while you were unaware; some even thought they were totally fine when they were not at all.

I have watched the enemies’ deception grow across this Earth. And My children believed in this deception more than they believed in Me and My Word, which is truth. Why? Because it is easier to walk by sight than to walk by faith, and My children want an easy way out when in fact, it wasn't easy at all.

The time of the great awakening has begun. This shaking will grow, and so will the things around you, making it look as though evil is winning when, in fact, they are falling apart.

I have told you that your enemies will not only intensify and magnify things against you, but they will also start to turn on one another and become careless and allow themselves to be put in precarious situations where they trap themselves and others.

This is the time when things become more uncomfortable. Your enemies will shout more, threaten more, and cause more disruptions. You will see more corruption. You will see them become more arrogant. They will not care if you know what they are doing against you and your nation because they truly believe there is nothing you can do against them. They believe no one can stop them. They believe this Nation is already theirs to have.

So, as they try to bring war here, as they try to bring bioweapons, as they try to destroy the dollar, and as they try to tear apart your freedoms, remember what I have said, these are the days of Haman, and they will receive their reward.

I will show you their sleeper cells, their dirty bombs, their labs, and their Trojan horse. I will show you their roots in the Deep State as I pull them out. I will show you their manifestos, their dirty books, their servers, their computers, their emails, their phone conversations, their murders, their blackmail accounts, and everyone they have dirt on. Some were true, some were forced and tricked into those situations, and some were drugged. I will show you their hiding places and all that is hidden there. I will show you what has been hidden underground all over the world that was suppressed and used to kill you, steal from you, take over the nations, hide precious things from you, and control the markets. I will show you all that has been kept from you, which will be used to tear them apart. I am in control. Your enemies are not. Remember this as you see what you are about to see, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Major things have been taking place at your ports, oh United States. How they used these ports against you in so many ways will send shock waves through this Nation.

Watch as incident after incident takes place at your ports, just like they have done with your bridges. They want some things destroyed to hide them from you and others to bring great disruption to your supply chain.

Watch as many black swan events start to take place. The things they are about to do will be so much greater than what they have already done against you.

My children, be prepared for the things that look uncertain. These things will happen to take your enemies out once and for all.

A blacksmith will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Another world leader is about to die, but it will not be by his own hand.

Tensions between nations are about to appear out of control, and it will seem like World War 3 could begin, but it will not.

An invasion has taken place at your southern border, and it will become more obvious why they are here. These terrorists are about to make a move against this Nation that they will regret.

My children, you have not seen or heard about everything done at your northern border. It is much darker than other things they have done, and it has been kept from you. No one was looking there. They used your southern border as a diversion, so you would not pay attention to your northern one or who they are bringing through to be used against you. They have brought in and trained enemies for what they are about to pull off against you, but it will not be death to this Nation or Israel. It will be death to them.

Bubonic plague: this phrase will be in your news for a significant reason. They are trying to bring this back to life, but it will affect them more than you.

Sickle cell anemia: this phrase will be in your news for an unusual reason.

An attack on New York City will soon be evident.

Something significant will take place in San Francisco.

Saint Louis will also be in your news for a significant reason.

Breaking news will be heard that will rattle the enemies' camp. A ruling of "innocent" will be heard. The case has fallen apart. Their last-ditch effort did not work against President Trump. They cannot put him in jail now because this last indictment will fall apart. But watch how things dramatically take place (to try) to stop your election and My David from taking back the seat of the president. Your enemies cannot stop the freight train coming against them because it is Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Alfred Hitchco*ck: this name will be in your news for a surprising reason.

Wildcat: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

The markets are about to take a big hit. Your enemies are sabotaging your financial system for their financial gain. I am about to shake the market to show you the money, where it all is, and who has stolen it from the world system.

Wall Street is in big trouble. Explosive reports will come out about how their Ponzi scheme was used against this Nation and how they were controlled by Washington and the globalists. But those days are about to expire.

A major psyops event is about to take place.

Hackers are about to be taken down.

Italy, Rome, and the Vatican will be in your news for a significant reason.

Mortar: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason.

Something significant is about to take place with Adam Schiff, which no one saw coming.

Hold on, My children. A major eruption and shaking are about to take place to cause disruptions to your enemies and stop their attacks against you. They will fail at every attempt. So do not be afraid of China or Iran This is planned, but their plans will fail because I am your protector. No more fear. Put on your armor and fight because you are about to see a great sight, and that is your enemies' destruction, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

After I received the Prophetic Word above, I heard these words:

  • caterpillar

  • war crimes

  • security threats

  • an alliance will be broken

  • China Joe will be no more

  • Bourne Supremacy

  • a silence in your White House

  • wave runner

  • beta testing

  • microphone mishap

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