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Now, look I know that you may be a bit tired of reading this topic over, but please. I think this is something that could make a small difference.

Have you guys ever learned of Astral Travel, that is something called Astral Projection "Out-of-Body-Experience" and I have been thinking of something about it even I'm still trying to pull it off. You see, the benefits of Astral travel are:

  • Strengthens your faith

  • Broadens your consiousness

  • You get to travel to Past and Future

You can check on some youtube videos of Astral Projection for beginners as the best thing is to meditate by lying down on your back and remaining calm and focus on your breathing.

I wanted to say this is because I feel like we should need a Tinker Bell movies that'll feature how Tinker Bell joined Peter Pan and left her friends behind, I'm aware of the DisneyToon studios and people who makes movies having story problems and decided to stop making movies about the Tinkerbell movies but i don't give up hope since I'm pretty sure there is a way.

I won't give up hope and I never will till everything is finished, including how Tinkerbell met Peter Pan, (I mean DUH everyone likes to know how these 2 met). And I am going to be honest since I've never really watched Legend of the Neverbeast, because I didn't like Fawn's new look, or the kind of story it showed us, and also because I was expecting a different film that comes after the Pirate Fairy that featured Peter.

I was very disappointed when they left this series incomplete. I mean after "the Pirate Fairy" which featured Hook before his hand cut off, we were hoping to see the following movie that showed us how Tink and Peter first met, which was supposed to be the case, but instead we get "Legend of the Neverbeast", which I am still trying to avoid as well as its screencaps and information, but even if they still make that one, they can't just leave the series incomplete, I was just like "Hey, wait a minute! That's not right! They can't just stop the series that way!" They should've just developed and prepared just one more movie before the studio shut down, showing us how Tink met Peter, when she left Pixie Hollow, and when Pixie Hollow and all of Tink's friends were completely absent from the Peter Pan events.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure that film was so heartwarming and all, but I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, I'm just saying this film would've been a better option instead when the series was dying in sales after Pirate Fairy. Like I said, either of us should learn Astral Travel and show the creators and writers these ideas. It will still be sympathetic and heartwarming if Tink leaves Pixie Hollow and joins Peter after her four close friends; Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Rosetta say goodbye to her, not knowing if they will ever see her again even Fawn emotionally states they will miss Tink so much and how much they love her before Pixie Hollow's absence within the Peter Pan events. Which is why I think anyone should Astral travel and give them these ideas and scenes, despite the butterfly effect and history/memory system. The heartwarming emotion just the same, of Tink having to say goodbye will be the hardest thing to do.

Well, if either of us did learn Astral Projection "Out of Body experience" by meditating, and gone back in time to give out the idea to them, it would've been a possibility and would make it a reality. This is probably what they should've did after or instead of "Never Beast" if they were done with the franchise. I know that would influence the butterfly effect, but this change could be worth it. Have any of you learned of Astral Projection *Out of Body Experience* by meditation? You would probably go to late 2012-mid 2013 to have them create such a movie of when Tink first met Peter Pan, it would've shown us how Tink and Peter first met, how she changed into that stuck-up obnoxious Wendy envious snob, how all of her friends and Pixie Hollow were absent from the events of Peter Pan, ext.

I know that you seemed tired of me pushing and throwing this topic a couple of times, I just couldn't help it. Even some of the Tinker Bell fans would want this to be a reality and the actual case.

That's why I made these ideas for it on Deviantart. Like I said, if anyone learned Astral Projection *Out-of-Body Experience* By meditation, you can show the ideas to the crew.

Now you can show the writers and animators the plot of this film, and they might think for themselves. Remember, if you watched any YouTube videos of Astral Projection, as well as discovered some benefits of Astral Travel, you might be able to go back to late 2012-late 2013, when they were finishing with the Pirate Fairy. But be careful, and keep calm and focus on such concentration. But I thought I could give out this example which can be identical to what we see on Wikipedia.

Also, I never said it would be that simple, but there is always one way to find out for ourselves.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Boy is a 2015 CGI Animated film and the final installment of the Tinker Bell series. It features how Tinker Bell and Peter Pan meet for the very first time, thus ending the events of the film series and beginning the events of Peter Pan (1953).


It was another time for the fairies of Pixie Hollow to bring Spring to the mainland. Tinker Bell, Pixie Hollow's most talented tinker was on the beach in Neverland. She was searching for Lost Things for her latest ideas and inventions to modernize more of Pixie Hollow, when all of a sudden, she saw a little boy and introduced herself to him. The Boy introduced himself to his new fairy friend, his name was Peter Pan. Soon they became friends. Tink's new friendship worried her friends: Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn, and Vidia. Tink has been visiting Peter in his underground hideout underneath a hollow tree called Hangmen's Tree and collected some extra pixie dust for him to learn how to fly. Peter had been a fast learner, and had a wonderful idea that he learned that nobody will ever grow up in Neverland, asked Tink to bring a couple of his friends back from the Mainland and live in Neverland so they can never worry about growing up and not be scolded for misbehaving. Tink agreed and was now declared as the second in command for his new team, which made her feel a little happier. Tink didn't forget that she would still need to help her friends in Pixie Hollow to bring summer to the mainland which won't be until two weeks so this will be her chance to help Peter bring his six friends he knew from the mainland to Neverland. The boys collected had formed a team name and announced it as "Lost Boys," and Peter declared Tink "the very first Lost Fairy." Now that the time to bring Summer to the mainland has arrived, Tink caught up with her friends who were concerned for her and tried to reason with her that she's been avoiding her responsibilities, but Tink just kept her focus on Peter and thought of having Lizzy live in Neverland too. It had been a year since Lizzy and Tinker Bell first met, though Lizzy didn't seem older as she still looked the same despite now being ten years old. Lizzy was happy to see Tinker Bell again and to surprise her, she managed to bring a special "chartreuse" colored Pixie Dust, the latest invention from Zarina, and it can turn any human or fairy into a human or fairy at any time. Tink made herself into a human but still could fly thanks to the usual Pixie Dust. Lizzy was shocked when Tinker Bell explained that Lizzy should live in Neverland, there she could never grow up or stop believing in fairies, but Lizzy reasoned with her that she couldn't just leave her father, he would be devastated and he was facing an appointment at the Natural History Museum he works at, but Tink was confident and remembered of how she taught Lizzy to fly that she and Lizzy would fly all over the city and inside the Natural History Museum to show all the grown-ups that there are such things as fairies and magic. Unknown to Tink, it was witnessed by her friends: Vidia, Terence, Clank, Bobble, Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn, Silvermist, and even Blaze and Cheese, and were now getting worried if their cover would be blown, after all, humans are not supposed to discover their existence as it was still against the rules. Lizzy and Tink continued flying all over the main hall of the Museum and all the people gathered there were so awestruck by the sight and asking themselves how it was possible, but that was until Lizzy accidentally slammed into an ancient tapestry thus landing on the ground unharmed. Lizzy's father, Dr. Martin Griffiths, was relieved that Lizzy was okay but knew that Lizzy had to grow up and let go of her Fairy believing ways and magic encouragement, this made Tink angry and she tried defending Lizzy by getting through to him like she did last year, but as she told him off and asking why he was so afraid of it, it pushed Martin into blurting out "that when he was just a child, his own belief in fairies started a forest fire." Hearing this, Lizzy was confused and shocked, she had no idea that her father also believed in fairies when he was a child but didn't tell her so it would make sense why he would deny it and doubt her if he had to. Watching the whole thing, Tink's friends were a bit embarrassed and felt sorry for Lizzy's father because of what he had been through but Vidia was furious with Tinker Bell for interfering as she dragged Tinker Bell back to Pixie Hollow and the two got into a heated argument. The argument got much worse when Vidia stated that ever since she met Peter, she was avoiding her friends and responsibilities as well as being more deliberately disobedient and Tink stated she would've been better off without friends and hurt Vidia's feelings by reminding her of when she acted to her when they first met and described her so unfairly. Vidia was so hurt and seeing the flashbacks made her feel more stressed and guilty of herself as trying to be a better fairy seemed like an impossible task and went back to Tinker's nook to apologize to Tink about the argument, but it was too late as Tink ran away. Queen Clarion, the queen of Pixie Hollow was concerned and everybody in Pixie Hollow from Fairy Mary and her Tinkers, to Periwinkle and her two friends, Glizz and Spike, to the queen herself and the ministers of the seasons were all devastated by the news of Tinker Bell left them all without even saying goodbye. Now Vidia felt so horrible as she blamed herself for this to happen and would never forgive herself if anything happens to Tinker Bell. Remembering Lizzy, Vidia used the same *chartreuse* human transforming Pixie Dust to get Lizzy and her father to help her find Tinker Bell. Vidia, now human, went to them, feeling so devastated, and started over with them about how she acted to them *Because of her point of view during the misunderstanding* and explained that Tink ran away after their fight. Lizzy could never resent Vidia as she knew how much of a stiff she could be, and with determination and concern, she and Martin agreed to help when they noticed the other fairies: Queen Clarion, Terence, Rosetta, Iridessa, Clank, Bobble, Silvermist, Fawn, Periwinkle, Gliss, Spike, Fairy Mary, Fairy Gary, and the Four Ministers of the Seasons were there waiting for them and as humans as well. Periwinkle didn't need to worry about her wings wilting now that she, Glizz, and Spike were now temporarily humans as a discussion was made that Lizzy and her Father might have to leave the mainland behind and live with them in Pixie Hollow. It will be a hard thing to do, but Lizzy and her father agreed on it and will have to set up defenses around Pixie Hollow as the pirates might return and capture them. While everyone still kept their best to keep Pixie Hollow at bay, things were a little bit tough since Tink left and it was still a lot to take in as everyone had been struggling to let go of it. Lizzy and her father prepared defenses (similar to the traps in Swiss Family Robinsons) as well as secret coverings on the entrances so that no pirate or mercenary would discover Pixie Hollow. Lizzy was getting along quite well bonding with Tinker Bell's friends: Fawn, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist, Terence, Clank, Bobble, and Vidia, as well as Periwinkle with Martin wanting to see if there is other things to do with Fairy Mary, Fairy Gary, Queen Clairon, or Lord Millori as they might have a human export for the flora and fauna of Neverland, and Mr. Twiches, the Griffiths' family cat was with the scout fairies keeping an eye out for any hawks or other predators. Still, Lizzy and the fairies were worried about Tinker Bell and didn't know if she was hurt or not. Queen Clarion called for Lizzy, her father, and Tinker Bell's friends: Vidia, Terence, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist, Clank, and Bobble that the Scout fairies reported that they had found where Tinker Bell was, much to their relief and happiness. With Peter Pan and the "Lost Boys" off on another adventure, which might be when Peter fights James and cuts his hand off, the small group entered the hideout and Tink was so happy to see her friends again. The reunion did go well at first, but things got complicated when Tink explained that she was having fun with the Lost Boys, fighting with Indians who lived in Neverland, even was fully attached to Peter. The friends tried to reason with her that she must return home, though scolded her for running away and not saying goodbye like that. But Tink made up her mind that she decided to stay and remain the first and only "lost fairy" of the team and no one would get between her and Peter. The friends were hurt and felt left out when Tink chose to stay with Peter and the Lost Boys, but they knew that it would have to be respected as they exited out of the door, but not before Lizzy shared a tearful embrace with Tink, not knowing if she will ever see her again. Lizzy sat alone near Crocodile Creek, and Vidia went over to comfort her. She was aware of how much Lizzy was hurting and knew how it felt as she explained to Lizzy about her past, (She arrived in Pixie Hollow eight years before Tinker Bell, and her talent shined so bright that it was a rare talent, but Vidia had a made a new friend but that was until a Pirate Ship arrived in Neverland, and the pirates captured her to force her to find the Enchanted Mirror of Encanta, much to Vidia's grief. It could explain why she was so anti-antagonistic in the first movie, to begin with) and she wouldn't want Lizzy to let her negativity and sorrow get the better of her. No one knew what would happen to Pixie Hollow as the Pixie Dust Tree was almost growing weak with the Pixie Dust it had left, but then Tink arrived with Peter's Shadow, (it turned out Peter's shadow seemed to have a will of its own) and instructed they have found another moonstone which is the second and stated that the end of autumn will be a next revelry and it'll even make more Blue Pixie Dust than last revelry, thus renewaling the Pixie Dust tree before it'll be lost forever. Vidia thanked Tink for saving Pixie Hollow and setting things right as well as making up for the argument they had. A few changes happened so fast as Pixie Hollow was now saved and a new age had begun, but some things remained and looked the same. Tink stated that she still had to return to Peter Pan as she kept the oath and couldn't give back the oath, one of Peter's orders. Everyone was happy that Tink returned to save the day and they knew that there can be some things beyond Pixie Hollow's borders where she could be help to. Tearfully and one by one, Lizzy, Martin, Terence, Vidia, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist, Rosetta, Clank, and Bobble said their goodbyes to Tink as she embraced them when they had their turn, not knowing if she would come home again, but they will always remember her and that she will always be with them no matter what happens. Everyone happily looked on as Tink happily flew off, following Peter's shadow, wishing her good luck as the door to Pixie Hollow was closed and now hidden for protection. *Thus leading the events of Peter Pan*

Voice cast:

Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell, a tinker fairy and Periwinkle's twin sister.

Blayne Weaver as Peter Pan, the leader of the Lost Boys, and Tinker Bell's new friend.

Jesse McCartney as Terence, the pixie-dust keeper.

Lucy Hale as Periwinkle, a frost fairy and Tinker Bell's twin sister.

Timothy Dalton as Lord Milori, leader of the Winter fairies.

Jeff Bennett as:

  • Dewey, a frost fairy and keeper of the Winter Woods.

  • Clank, a large tinker fairy.

Lucy Liu as Silvermist, a water fairy.

Raven-Symoné as Iridessa, a light fairy.

Kristin Chenoweth as Rosetta, a garden Fairy

Pamela Adlon as Vidia, a fast-flying fairy.

Angela Bartys as Fawn, an animal fairy.

Shannon Chan-Kent as Elizabeth "Lizzy" Griffiths, a young girl who believed in fairies.

Michael Sheen as Dr. Martin Griffiths, Lizzy's father.

Debby Ryan as Spike, a frost fairy and Periwinkle's best friend.

Grey DeLisle as Gliss, a frost fairy, and Periwinkle's secondary best friend.

Rob Paulsen as Bobble, a wispy tinker fairy with large glasses and Clank's best friend.

Jane Horrocks as Fairy Mary, the overseer of all tinker fairies.

Kathy Najimy as The Minister of Summer.

John DiMaggio as The Minister of Autumn.

Steve Valentine as The Minister of Spring.

Susanne Blakeslee as The Minister of Winter.

Dee Bradley Baker as:

  • Cheese

  • Fiona

  • Blaze.

Anjelica Huston as Queen Clarion, the queen of all Pixie Hollow.

Now the plot will be a work in progress, but once Astral Travelled to that exact time, the writers and animators will work it out.

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