Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (2024)

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (1)

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First Impressions

Our third and arguably strongest Abundance unit so far. Luocha boasts a powerful, well-rounded kit, to the point where it’s fair to say he’s the gold standard for Abundance units.

While his kit is pretty loaded, he’s not necessarily a must pull. The good news is that his healing is a fair bit more comfortable than both Natasha and Bailu. The bad news is that he tends to struggle against high damage AoE content because he lacks an on-demand AoE heal. He does pretty well against chip damage thanks to his A4 and Talent but lacks the emergency button heal Natasha/Bailu have in their Ultimates.

Where Luocha really shines is his role consolidation. He provides Imaginary Break, healing, debuff cleansing, and buff removal — all while being generally SP positive.That being said, if you already have Gepard or Bailu, you can pair them with other units to cover those needs.


Luocha’s Skill automatically triggers when an ally is at 50% or less Max HP. This doesn’t consume any SP while providing full Skill Energy when it happens. The downside is that it has a 2-turn cooldown and does not contribute to effects triggered by Skill usage such as Shared Feelings.

His Ultimate has good uptime. You can recharge it with 3 Basic ATKs and 1 auto Skill proc or just 4 Basic ATKs, assuming just an ERR rope.

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (2)
(Luocha ERR Reqs, by Edison)

It also provides him with something else no other current Abundance character has, which is additional Toughness damage, allowing your team to break more often against Imaginary weak enemies.

His A4 trace synergises well with his Talent, providing an AoE heal to the entire team while his field is up and when an enemy is attacked. When combined with his Talent, which heals the attacker, this Major Trace can provide a large amount of AoE chip healing as well as further incentivising keeping his field up.

His A6 Trace is very good. It’s classified as Debuff RES, which is a separate resistance multiplier from Effect RES. Just keep in mind that because effects can have a higher than 100% base chance, 70% resistance to Crowd Control doesn’t necessarily mean a 70% overall chance to resist the effect. For example, the Aurumaton Gatekeeper has a ~40% chance to Imprison Luocha, assuming he has no Effect RES from Relics. This is still a pretty powerful Trace, and can easily save your team from an otherwise certain failed run.

Luocha vs Natasha

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (3) VS Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (4)

Luocha doesn’t consume SP, so his “emergency” healing is functionally free. On the other hand, Natasha’s is tied to her Energy needs. This means that at earlier stages of the game/lower investment, Luocha’s definitely more valuable. However, Luocha’s panic button operates on a 2-turn CD, meaning it can’t come up any sooner than that. This, in turn, raises the value of Natasha’s panic heal, making it more reliable at later stages of the game where having enough ERR would allow her to Ult more often. At the same time, Luocha’s auto-Skill is automatically triggered when allies are at 50% health or lower, so it cannot be fully controlled.

Building Luocha

Thanks to his innately high healing, Luocha has pretty flexible build options.


Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (5) Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (6)

For Relic Sets, Luocha can run the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set for a small healing bonus and more starting SP, or the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set for a small ATK and SPD bonus. Both come from the same Cavern, so just use whichever you get a full set of first.

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (7)

For Planar Sets, Fleet of the Ageless is generally going to be best for the team.

Light Cones

Abundance characters are less Light Cone dependent than most characters, but there are a few noteworthy options.

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (8)Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (9)Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (10)Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (11)Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (12)

First off, his signature 5★, Echoes of the Coffin, is good, but not crazy and definitely isn’t required. Its only notable advantage is the extra Energy Regeneration. With it, Luocha can recharge his Ultimate in 4 turns only using Basic ATKs without the need for an ERR Rope. The ATK% and team SPD bonus are nice, but aren’t really game changing. So yeah, he has a signature 5★ and it’s decent, but who wants to pull for a “decent” option? Plus, 5★s are expensive to boot! So, what else can he use?

At S5, Multiplication (3★) is generally his best bet for anything that isn’t a 5★. This is because the Action Advance allows him to reset his auto-Skill cooldown faster, redeploy his field sooner, and generate more SP for the team. Perfect Timing (4★) and Post-Op Conversation (4★) are also decent alternatives if you want more durability or Energy Regeneration for him. If you already have one leveled, Quid Pro Quo (FH Shop 4★) is fine, but Multiplication is generally better.


Luocha’s stats are fairly simple. Generally, we recommend the following:

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (13)
Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (14)
Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (15)
Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (16)
Outgoing Healing BoostSPDATK%ERR%

Just keep in mind that since Luocha has such high base healing, most of the time he doesn’t actually need a significant amount of stats that increase his healing output. Usually a single ATK% or Outgoing Healing Boost mainstat is enough to cover his healing. At that point, he can start stacking HP% or DEF% for more personal survivability. If you do find that you need more healing and that Luocha doesn’t need to be tankier, you can still use healing-boosting stats.

Substats are not super important on Luocha, but he appreciates ATK%, Effect RES, HP%, DEF%, and sometimes Break Effect%. If using Perfect Timing, Effect RES becomes much more valuable.

Luocha Quick Guide - KQM (2024)
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