Training (2024)

1. Caregiver Training Opportunities at Maxim | Maxim Healthcare Services

  • Aug 2, 2022 · Maxim Healthcare Services offers many opportunities for our caregivers to gain new skills and advance their careers.

  • Maxim Healthcare Services offers many opportunities for our caregivers to gain new skills and advance their careers.

Caregiver Training Opportunities at Maxim | Maxim Healthcare Services

2. Continuing Education | Maxim Professional Development

  • We offer best-in-class training programs for new graduates joining our team and continuing education opportunities for current employees seeking an advanced ...

  • At Maxim Healthcare, we invest in your professional development. We continuously develop our employees and teams in order to reach our goals.

Continuing Education | Maxim Professional Development

3. Maxim Training and Customer Service – @mymaximconnect on Tumblr

4. mymaximconnect training & my maxim connect online - Kwai

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mymaximconnect training & my maxim connect online - Kwai

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6. [PDF] Mymaximconnect Com Online Training

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  • and can be administered through MyMaximConnect (MMC) our online training portal or through ... MaxCompliance, including General Compliance training, Clinical ...

8. [PDF] Mymaximconnect Com Online Training - MotoGP

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9. Access My Maxim Connect | Log-In - Accessify

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Access My Maxim Connect | Log-In - Accessify

10. [PDF] Maxim Healthcare Annual Inspection 03 10 11 - DC Health

  • Mar 28, 2011 · Each clinical record shall include the following information related to the patient: (s) Documentation of training and education given to the ...

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mymaximconnect training login | Discover - Kwai Training (2024)


Does Maxim pay for mileage? ›

Yes they provided some gas mileage travel pay. It depends on the office you're working with. Maxim does have a Nationwide travel division if you want to work a short term contract (typically 13 weeks). Travel stipends are built in for any travel contracts.

Does Maxim offer maternity leave? ›

Maxim have maternity leave ? Yes, they do.

Does Maxim Healthcare have a non-compete clause? ›

Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. This case demonstrates that non-competes do not hold up in court in California, and what you can do if your employer has pressured you into signing one. Maxim Healthcare Services Inc. required its employees, including Gina Johnson, to sign a non-compete agreement.

What is the mission statement of Maxim Healthcare? ›

To provide reliable, safe, and patient-centered care through innovative and efficient care delivery models.

What does mileage pay? ›

67 cents per mile driven for business use, up 1.5 cents from 2023. 21 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes for qualified active-duty members of the Armed Forces, a decrease of 1 cent from 2023.

How much does insurance pay for mileage reimbursem*nt? ›

Historical Mileage Rates Set by the Internal Revenue Service
YearBusiness Rate (cents/mile)Medical/Moving Rate (cents/mile)
2022 (1st half)58.518
5 more rows
Mar 12, 2024

What is the Maxim class action lawsuit? ›

May 16, 2023 - Maxim Healthcare has reached a monetary agreement to settle claims that it failed to protect the personal health information of about 28,000 patients impacted in a 2021 data breach.

Who bought out Maxim Healthcare? ›

Aveanna Healthcare's $1.2B Acquisition of Maxim Collapses Under Weight of FTC Investigation - Home Health Care News.

Where is Maxim Healthcare headquarters? ›

How long has Maxim Healthcare been in business? ›

Maxim was founded in 1988 in response to a national nursing shortage and has grown to provide home healthcare services in over 35 states.

What is the Maxim Healthcare Culture? ›

Maxim Healthcare Services is dedicated to creating a culture which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion by recognizing, respecting and celebrating our differences, encouraging everyone we employ and serve to be their authentic selves.

Does mileage include car insurance? ›

The IRS standard mileage rate, set at 67 cents per mile for business use in 2024, is comprehensive. This rate is calculated to cover the gas cost and the vehicle's wear and tear, including maintenance, repairs, and, importantly, depreciation and insurance.

Is commuting mileage reimbursable? ›

Commuting miles are the trips from the employee's home to their place of work and vice versa. According to the IRS, these miles are not deductible and cannot be reimbursed by employers.

Can you negotiate mileage reimbursem*nt? ›

While many people equate salary with the tasks and responsibilities of the job, sundries such as car costs should also come under consideration. The best time to negotiate mileage, tolls and gas is when you are either applying for a new position or during your performance review.

How much does miles pay? ›

Miles is a legit money-making app, but it can take a long time to earn enough miles for any meaningful income. The average user may earn $1-5 a year, which might not be worth sharing your location data 24/7.

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