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4. 8-C. 4: Cousineau au jury hears guard I PLAIN DEALER, TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1983 Teen faces hit-run count in boy's death A By John Hinton A Rocky River police sergeant testified in yesterday he was working as a security guard outside the bar where Tom Cousineau was celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Sgt.

Terence P. Hudec said he saw the Cleveland Browns linebacker about hours before he was arrested on a drunken driving charge, but did not see him drinking in the bar. a Hudec was one of two Rocky River policemen to testify in the retrial of Cousineau, whose first trial in May ended in a hung jury. Under cross-examination, Hudec said he 1- 30 cases of AIDS through city task By Alma Kaufman About 30 cases of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) have been reported through an AIDS task force started here by Dr. Diana Morledge of the Cleveland Health Department.

"I guess it's fair to say that the disease is spreading rapidly," she said. At its first meeting last Tuesday 1 the task force members shared information and made some basic recommendations. "We are recommending that people limit their sexual contacts," Morledge said. Included on the task force are representatives of five major Cleveland hospitals, the regional director of a program on sexually transmitted disease, and Dr. Francis Silver, Cuyahoga County health director.

Those risking AIDS are sexually active hom*osexual males, intravenous drug abusers, hemophiliacs and Haitians, according to news reports. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine determined that AIDS may be transmitted by heterosexual sex. Of seven female sexual partners of male AIDS patients who were drug abusers, one had a confirmed case of AIDS and five others had degrees of pre-AIDS symptoms. All the women in the study denied using intravenous drugs. Morledge said all the AIDS and pre-AIDS patients reported here are in high-risk groups.

She advised high-risk members to check with their doctors, to make sure the doctor knows about AIDS and to let the doctor know they are at risk. HI She listed these signs and symptoms: 4 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE TAKE NOTICE that the following collateral will be sold at public sale on June 24, 1983, at the hour of 10:00 a.m.. Eastern Daylight Savings Time, at the showroom situated at 4924 Commerce Parkway, Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128. This sole will ber held by the undersigned Secured Party after default pursuant to the provisions of Section 1309.47 of the Ohio Uniform Commercial Code. The collateral consists of the following: one couch; seven visitors' chairs; one executive chair; two tables: one credenza: one deck; one two-drawer file cabinet; one desk; one credenza; one podium; one stool; one table: three visitors' chairs; one secretary chair; one Xerox 3100 LDC copier: one four -drawer cabinet; one Royal typewriter; one bookshelf; one desk; one conference table: eight conterence chairs; two visitors' chairs; one drafting table; one drafting chair; eight visitors' chairs; one fireproof two-drawer file cabinet; five executive chairs; two fourdrawer file cabinets; one three-drawer file cabinet: three file (metal storage space); five metal desks; two secretary chairs; three wooded desks; six wooden desks; five credenzas; two conference chairs; three executive chairs; one secretary two office chairs; two visitors' chairs; two two-drawer file one Sharp SF-741 copier; one bookshelf; eight panels of office partition; miscellaneous parts and accessories; miscellaneous files and records; 18000 Executone Equity Telephone System (subiect to security interest, it any, of Contet Credit Corporation, 56 Perimeter Center East, Atlanta, Georgia 30346); one 1980 Lincoln four -door sedan automobile, Model 82G, Serial No.

OY82G603619: and one 1979 Oldsmobile automobile, four -door sedan, No. 3N69R9M318072. Terms of Sale: Cash, certified check, cashier's check, or on credit to responsible bidder. All of the foregoing collateral has been used and will be sold IS AND WHERE SELLER DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS OF THE COLLATERAL FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Successful bidders will be required to remove the collateral from the premises on the date of sale.

All rights reserved. For further information concerning the sole and information concerning inspection of the collateral please write to or telephone Mr. Helmut Eifert, attorney for undersigned Secured Party and Seller, 134 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602, telephone 312-977-9500. Toshiba Machine America: Secured Party and Seller By Helmut Eifert, Its Duly Authorized Agent p.d.lune 12,13, 14, 1983 SRD 10265 NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION OF The following property: Orbital 24-Bin Collater with guillotine folder attachment and stapler attachment, and on. poper capacity.

Heidelberg Windmill Press, 3: Back to Back Multilith Press with bin collater. Acme Steel Book Stitcher 5. Challenge Electric Punch 6. Baum Folder with Right Angle, 20 capacity (Manufacture date approximately 1971) 7. Watkiss 20-Bin Rotary Collater on Pedestal 8.

General Bookbinding Corporation OF SCHOOL PROPERTY Volley Forge High School 9999 Independence Blvd. Parma Ohio Valley Forge High School Volley Forge High School Valley Forge High School Valley Forge High School Parma High School 6285 West 54th Street Parma, Ohio Parma High School Spiral Binding Equipment Parma High School 9. Brown Southwind Film Dryer Parma High School under the authority of R.C. 3313.41, will be sold by the Board of Education of the Parma City School District at public auction on Wednesday, June 22, 1983, 12:00 o'clock Noon, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, at Parma Board of Education, 6726 Ridge Rood, Parma, Ohio. The auction will first entertain a bid for the printing equipment as a unit.

If single unit bid for the equipment is not acceptable, units will then be offered separately. A deposit of of bid amount required on day of bid. Schools Balance 10 be pold by certified check made out to Parma City due upon delivery of equipment. Property must be viewed at the above locations by reporting between to the principal's office Monday through Friday, at any time 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

prior to the auction. Items will not be present at auction The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. J.F. KRAL, Clerk-Treasurer Board of Education Parma City School District Parma, Cuyahoga County, Ohio 1p.d. 7,14,1983 DRD42975 LEGAL NOTICE The Brecksville Planning Commission will hold a Public ing at 8:00 P.M.

on Thursday, June 30, 1983, in the Community Room of Brecksville City Hall, to hear the request of Richard Mack ay. Peor! Investment Company, to rezone permanent parcels 4601-28-1, 601-28-1 and 601-28-4 from R-40 Single Family Residential to R-16 Attached One Family Residential, located in an area bounded on the North by Brecksville-Broadview Heights Board of Education, on the West by Broadview Heights City tine and North of Olde Royalton Rood. Brecksville Planning Commission FRED H. HOLMAN, Chairman A p.d. lune 14,1983 DRD48628 was on guard duty outside Shaughnessy's Pub in Rockport Shopping Center at 8:30 p.m.

when he briefly saw Cousineau. Asked by defense lawyer James W. Burke Jr. whether Cousineau "stumbled past him," Hudec said, "No. "It was St.

Patrick's Day, and everybody was in a festive mood," he said. Cousineau, 26, of Lakewood, was arrested around midnight after his Jeep collided with a police cruiser, causing minor damage. He was charged under Ohio's new drunken driving law that went into effect two days before his arrest. Cousineau may testify today. are reported force efforts sistent, often dry, cough not from smoking, a ted drinking 10 beers, said I he was visit- had struck the child and panicked.

from Karachi and other district cold or an allergy, and unexplained, persist- ing, not drinking, for three hours before his After he returned home at 11:35 jails, the provincial government ent diarrhea. arrest. p.m., Bostelman said, the youth announced. 7 A loan for all reasons. 4 Mr.

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CB NATIONAL CITY BANK 1, Cleveland, Ohio EQUAL LENDER HOUSING Member F.D.I.C. N. 3 1 A sworn deposition by Patrolman Thomas M. Kanuch, who investigated the accident, was read to the jury. Kanuch said Cousineau told Kanuch he didn't see the police car.

Hudec, who came on duty at 11:30 p.m., and Patrolman William C. Luke said Cousineau failed roadside sobriety tests shortly after the accident. "It was my opinion that Mr. Cousineau was under the influence of alcohol," Luke said. Cousineau did much better on tests administered 15 minutes later in the police station, they said.

Both said Cousineau smelled of alcohol. Kanuch said he thought Cousineau was under in the influence after seeing him fail roadside tests. Kanuch said be might have changed his opinion if he had seen Cousineau's improved performance on the second tests. Prosecutor David J. Matty admitted into evidence a photograph showing the sidewalk line where Cousineau performed the heel-totoe test.

Burke said Cousineau did poorly on this test because the line was uneven. The jury was shown the videotaped session of the second sobriety tests. Cousineau admit- A 16-year-old Cleveland youth faces charges for hit-and-run and driving without a license in connection with the death of a boy Sunday night. The youth, a student at John Hay High School was not identified. Police arrested him at about 11:35 p.m.

Sunday, five hours after the car he allegedly was driving hit and killed Jamel Reed, 4, of 10608 Hulda Ave. Reed died of head and chest injuries at St. Luke's hospital an hour after the accident. Police said they received an anonymous tip that led them to the Buckeye Road-E. 116th area home of the youth.

They also had received a partial license plate number from a witness, according to Lt. William Bostleman, head of the police accident investigation unit. Bostleman said the youth had called his father to tell him he told police he had seen the child coming out from behind a parked van. He said he tried to brake, and then saw the child rolling in the street in his rear view mirror, panicked and took off, according to Bostleman. The youth was released Sunday night to his father, who was cited for allowing him to drive the 1972 Opel without a license, Bostleman said.

The youth i is scheduled to appear in Juvenile Court June 27. Bostleman said he didn't think the youth would be charged with vehicular homicide, unless witnesses came forward with new evidence. Swollen glands in the neck, armpits or groin; pink to purple blotches resembling a bruise that won't go away; an unexpected weight loss of more than 10 pounds in less than two months; persistent fever for more than a week; night sweats over several weeks; a per- Pakistan frees 3,000 KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) More than 3,000 people imprisoned following sectarian fighting in March were released yesterday LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED USE OF FEDERAL GENERAL REVENUE SHARING FUNDS FOR 1984. All residents and sentor citizens of the City of Parma Heights are invited to provide written and oral comments concerning the possible uses of Federal General Revenue Sharing Funds expected to be received in 1984, A public hearing will be held at presently estimated at $162,000. the regular meeting of Council on Monday, June 27, 1983, at 8:00 P.M.

at the Parma Heights Town Hall, 6281 Pearl Rood. Alice J. Felice Director of Finance City of Parma Heights p.d.,lune 14, 1983 DRD48627 PA FEE.

The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)
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