The Unwritten Rules of Playing Honkai: Star Rail's Luocha Explained (2024)


  • Luocha, the third healer in Honkai: Star Rail, has a unique healing build that scales off of his ATK, making him a viable sub-DPS party member in certain builds.
  • Players should aim for around 2k ATK for Luocha, as anything beyond that is unnecessary and a waste of his sub stats. Balancing crit stats and giving him SPD can maximize his potential.
  • The Passerby of Wandering Cloud and Musketeer of Wild Wheat sets are recommended for their healing and ATK buffs. Team compositions should be flexible to accommodate Luocha's healing abilities.

In version 1.1, Honkai: Star Rail players were introduced to the third healer in-game, Luocha. His abilities stunned players, and he was very well received. Honkai: Star Rail fans who'd come over from Honkai Impact 3rd, another game of HoYoVerse's, were a little nervous to see him, since he looked so much like Otto. However, at least for now, there's nothing to fear, particularly in regard to his unique kit.

Unlike other Abundance characters, Luocha's healing scales off of his ATK. This is unique and interesting for players, as this makes him viable as a sub-DPS party member in certain builds. Not only would be healing teammates by a substantial amount, often healing teammates fully in just one skill use, but he could provide a substantial amount of damage on the side too.

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Honkai: Star Rail -- Using Luocha's Kit

One thing Honkai: Star Rail players should keep in mind is that too much of anything can be overkill. While he heals based off his ATK, many players find that a comfortable stopping point is 2k ATK. From there, anything else is too much and a waste of his sub stats. This is where Luocha's potential as a sub-DPS comes in, as from here on out it's up to the player to decide what else to give him. Balancing crit stats and giving him SPD will make good use of the "empty" stats that players need to fill up.

As one of very few imaginary characters, players should focus on farming for Luocha's ascension materials before concerning themselves with relics. After all, if players cannot use him without fearing he gets one-shot every turn, their relic farming will have been for naught. Once players are ready for relic farming, they should prioritize a 2pc Passerby of Wandering Cloud set and a 2pc Musketeer of Wild Wheat set. The outgoing healing bonus and ATK buffs these sets grant him are perfectly aligned with his kit.

From there, players have a wide range of options to select from for Luocha's light cone. If he has enough stats to support his healing duties, players should choose something to buff his sub-DPS capabilities. However, if they're right in the middle, it mostly depends on what players have available. There are plenty of in-game shops for Honkai: Star Rail fans to check out with good options for him. Even if they have a mediocre choice for a light cone, if his relic sub stats come in strong, players won't have as much to worry about.

While thinking of how to best build Luocha by himself is important, it's only natural players remember the teammates he'll be alongside. Luocha's team comps are as diverse as the cast of Honkai: Star Rail is. After all, being a healer first and foremost makes him able to fill in any flexible or healer spots in template comps. One unit commonly paired with Luocha is Blade, since his kit damages himself so often and heavily. Their synergy is nothing to shy away from, but of course, players might not have a specific five-star when the game has been out for under a year.

Still, following a template comp and applying it to what players have available can make it easier to know where to put Luocha. Most Honkai: Star Rail teams have a DPS, support, healer, and then a flexible slot. When players fill out what they already have covered, they should easily be able to know where to put Luocha to maximize his utility.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on Mobile, PC, and PS5.

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The Unwritten Rules of Playing Honkai: Star Rail's Luocha Explained (2024)
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